Self-Care in a World of Chaos

Learning that my ancestors were slaves was a lot to grasp as a first grader. My classroom became silent as my black classmates and I daunted what new information our teacher would tell us about the capturing, beating, and force that black people experienced to make them abide by the rules of their white abductors . But to my happy surprise, we were taught that slavery was abolished and now everyone, no matter their race, were equal.

Too bad that was, and is still, a lie.

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Cell-Jacked: How a Black Woman’s DNA Was Stolen

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks was a rollercoaster. I started this biography in September… September guys. Sure my first year of college was hectic and I had boat loads of work, all the time, but it has never taken me this long to finish a book. Yet here we are. Author Rebecca Skloot first learned about Henrietta Lacks while studying Biology in community college. The most that Skloot’s instructor told her of Lacks was that she had a terrible case of cervical center and died in 1951. Scientists had been trying to keep cell cultures alive outside of the body for a while and didn’t succeed until Henrietta’s cells from her cervix landed in millions of laboratories across the world. The magic in Henrietta’s cells were that they were constantly reproducing new generations every 24 hours. Meaning that Lacks’s cells are IMMORTAL and are still reproducing today.

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Black History Month Post

Though the snow remains in full effect, it’s a new time of year… Black History Month!

This month, I will be featuring weekly posts about memorable events/ facts in Black History, Blast From the Past music posts, along with some of my FAVORITE YouTube series created and produced by BLACK creators. I’m a firm believer in supporting black businesses & organizations. This includes some online series that give Black people diverse and more proper representation. Stay tuned!

June 30, 1974:

Alberta Williams King (Dr. Martin Luther King’s Mother) was assassinated in Ebenezer Baptist Church in 1974, six years after her son was killed. King was an active civil rights activist in Atlanta, Georgia. She was shot and killed by a man named Marcus Wayne Chenault (from Dayton, Ohio), who believed all ministers were evil. He planned to kill Dr. Martin Luther King Sr., but decided to murder Alberta King because of her close relation to him. I am thankful for your strength and hard work to create a more civil and equal society.

February 26, 2012:

Trayvon Martin was 17 years old when George Zimmerman shot and killed him, claiming that he appeared suspicious, as if to harm Zimmerman’s home. George Zimmerman was ruled “Not guilty” for killing a boy whose “crime” was walking and Black. On February 5 of 2015, Trayvon Martin would have been 20 years old. He will never be forgotten. His fight is not at rest.

“Black & Sexy Baby!”

Black & Sexy TV is by far my best YouTube discovery! Watch the first episode of my favorite series from the lot, Hello Cupid. To watch the full series, click here.

Blast From the Past

Fun Fact: Today (February 6) is Bob Marley’s Birthday! This reggae music legend would be 70 years old. Bob Marley’s songs of love, strength, peace, and triumph still sing in our hearts and remain relevant today.