The Best Summer of My Life

Have you ever set a goal for yourself? A minor one that you said you’d accomplish time and time again, yet you completely failed to pull through.

Well, that’s been me for the last.. year. I intended to blog on a more regular schedule, but life happened and I got caught up in all of my other responsibilities. The reality is, though, that I love to blog and even if I can’t blog on the schedule I intend for myself, my posting schedule will definitely be more regular than not posting at all.

In other news…

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New Video: Black Roses (Nick Carter Green)

Formerly known as “Herr”, Nick Carter Green has finally released a visual for Black Roses, a song from his album Nineteen. If you follow me on social media, you know I’ve been raving about his music for about a year now when he released his project under the “Herr” alias.

Revealing himself was a BIG move, as a face finally got put on the lyrics and vivid emotions in his songs. If you enjoy this video, listen to the full album below.

Update + New Video: Say it (Tory Lanez)

I’d first like to give you all an update. I am the WORST for my lack of blogging lately. I’ve been sulking in my last bits of summer and I’ve let posting slip under the rug. So let me say, I AM SORRY! I’ll have some juicy posts for you soon 🙂

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Self-Care in a World of Chaos

Learning that my ancestors were slaves was a lot to grasp as a first grader. My classroom became silent as my black classmates and I daunted what new information our teacher would tell us about the capturing, beating, and force that black people experienced to make them abide by the rules of their white abductors . But to my happy surprise, we were taught that slavery was abolished and now everyone, no matter their race, were equal.

Too bad that was, and is still, a lie.

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Cell-Jacked: How a Black Woman’s DNA Was Stolen

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks was a rollercoaster. I started this biography in September… September guys. Sure my first year of college was hectic and I had boat loads of work, all the time, but it has never taken me this long to finish a book. Yet here we are. Author Rebecca Skloot first learned about Henrietta Lacks while studying Biology in community college. The most that Skloot’s instructor told her of Lacks was that she had a terrible case of cervical center and died in 1951. Scientists had been trying to keep cell cultures alive outside of the body for a while and didn’t succeed until Henrietta’s cells from her cervix landed in millions of laboratories across the world. The magic in Henrietta’s cells were that they were constantly reproducing new generations every 24 hours. Meaning that Lacks’s cells are IMMORTAL and are still reproducing today.

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Magical Black Girl of the Week: Amandla Stenberg

My fellow Hunger Games lovers know her as Rue but her first popular appearance was on Colombiana as young Cataleya. This week’s Magical Black Girl of the week is Amandla Stenberg.

Amandla is known for showing up and showing out for her black sisters and brothers. She often speaks on current black issues and the tainted images of black people in the media. Earlier this year Amandla made a video addressing cultural appropriation called “Don’t Cash Crop On My Cornrows”. In the video Amandla talks about how black culture is ingrained in hip-hop culture which has become a part of popular culture. Due to being paralleled, Black culture has also been popular and used as a form of costume for many fashion shows and non-Black music artists.

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8 Reasons Why #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter is a Joke.

Now, when I woke up to tweets of people going OFF about the White Girls Do It Better hashtag, I laughed. Hysterically. For one, it amazes me how privileged people ALWAYS find a way to make sure that their privilege is known.

Secondly, women are always pitted against each other and this antifeminist hashtag ensured that. As a white feminist, if you consider yourself to be one, it’s important to acknowledge how black women receive the short end of the stick in America. Television shows, movies, etc. portray black women as the sassy best friend, the lazy girl, the girl with so much strife in her life that she just doesn’t know what to do until she meets a man who’ll probably just hurt her time and time again. Meanwhile, white women are affirmed with fancy lives and loyal lovers in popular TV shows with covers in magazines like Vogue.

While white women make 78% to a white man’s dollar in their professions, Black women make 64%. White people don’t grow up with a burden of what it’s like to be White in America. So please, save the shit about how not being able to wear an afro and say the n-word was so hard for you growing up.

Black women are rarely portrayed as beautiful and intelligent in mainstream media. If they were trends like “Black Girls Rock” and “Black Girl Magic” wouldn’t be necessary. But as this ignorant hashtag shows they are necessary because again some White women are on a mission to shit on something that was intended to build the confidence of a group of people.

So yes, I will continue to laugh at this hashtag while I sip my tea, pretty and unbothered. Here’s why:

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Kehlani in Chicago – YSBH Tour

I started  listening to Kehlani’s music in January after one of my favorite writers, Alexandra Elle, liked Kehlani’s mixtape cover on Instagram. I listened to her mixtape Cloud 19 and was taken away. Female R&B singers are at a surprising low right now. Yes there’s Jhene Aiko, Justine Skye, and Ariana Grande but a few years ago there were girl groups and solo singers galore. Now it seems like we’re stuck with Chris Brown confusing rhythm and blues with rap music as he cries over the women he treated wrong while calling them btches on every verse… But anyway, Kehlani’s music felt relatable, honest, and graceful. She’s candid with her experiences in every way and I love it I love it I love it.

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Magic Mike vs. Magic Mike XXL


Well well well, here you are trying to get the tea on recently released, Magic Mike XXL. Is it better than the debut film? Where is “The Kid” and Matthew McConaughey? Is there more or less dancing and how does Jada Pinkett Smith play into all of this? Well I’ve got all the answers below.

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New Video: Million (Tink)

Tink is on a roll. She just attended the BET awards and NOW the video for her single “Million” had it’s world premiere in New York City on Sony’s Time Square Billboard. Watch the video below!