Magical Black Girl of the Week: Amandla Stenberg

My fellow Hunger Games lovers know her as Rue but her first popular appearance was on Colombiana as young Cataleya. This week’s Magical Black Girl of the week is Amandla Stenberg.

Amandla is known for showing up and showing out for her black sisters and brothers. She often speaks on current black issues and the tainted images of black people in the media. Earlier this year Amandla made a video addressing cultural appropriation called “Don’t Cash Crop On My Cornrows”. In the video Amandla talks about how black culture is ingrained in hip-hop culture which has become a part of popular culture. Due to being paralleled, Black culture has also been popular and used as a form of costume for many fashion shows and non-Black music artists.

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8 Reasons Why #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter is a Joke.

Now, when I woke up to tweets of people going OFF about the White Girls Do It Better hashtag, I laughed. Hysterically. For one, it amazes me how privileged people ALWAYS find a way to make sure that their privilege is known.

Secondly, women are always pitted against each other and this antifeminist hashtag ensured that. As a white feminist, if you consider yourself to be one, it’s important to acknowledge how black women receive the short end of the stick in America. Television shows, movies, etc. portray black women as the sassy best friend, the lazy girl, the girl with so much strife in her life that she just doesn’t know what to do until she meets a man who’ll probably just hurt her time and time again. Meanwhile, white women are affirmed with fancy lives and loyal lovers in popular TV shows with covers in magazines like Vogue.

While white women make 78% to a white man’s dollar in their professions, Black women make 64%. White people don’t grow up with a burden of what it’s like to be White in America. So please, save the shit about how not being able to wear an afro and say the n-word was so hard for you growing up.

Black women are rarely portrayed as beautiful and intelligent in mainstream media. If they were trends like “Black Girls Rock” and “Black Girl Magic” wouldn’t be necessary. But as this ignorant hashtag shows they are necessary because again some White women are on a mission to shit on something that was intended to build the confidence of a group of people.

So yes, I will continue to laugh at this hashtag while I sip my tea, pretty and unbothered. Here’s why:

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