What’s Your Superpower?

The CW is the joy of my life. Every Friday, I look forward to coming home and watching The Flash, SuperGirl and, as of recently, Black Lightning. I am in love. 

Black Lightning follows the life and family of Jefferson Pierce, a hero who can channel lightning through his body. By day, Jefferson is a school principal in the city he grew up in, Freeland; by night he fights for the citizens of his city to have the privileges of its name. But this isn’t about Jefferson.

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Magic Mike vs. Magic Mike XXL

via starcasm.net

Well well well, here you are trying to get the tea on recently released, Magic Mike XXL. Is it better than the debut film? Where is “The Kid” and Matthew McConaughey? Is there more or less dancing and how does Jada Pinkett Smith play into all of this? Well I’ve got all the answers below.

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The Lasting Radiance of Jean-Michel Basquiat

Before I saw Tamra Davis’s 2010 documentary “Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child,” the most I knew about Basquiat was that he was a painter, Black, and popular in New York City. Only after recently watching the film did I realize how deep and passionate an individual Jean-Michel Basquiat was both as a person and an artist.

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Dope: a drug taken illegally for recreational purposes

The first time the trailer for Dope appeared on my twitter timeline, I lost it (in a good way). First off, the main character wasn’t just black, he was young! Black people already don’t get much play in mainstream films and it’s even more rare that there’s a movie about YOUNG people that are Black.

Thank God for the Sundance Film Festival. 

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