Podcasts You Should Be Listening To!

These days, podcasting is the bee’s knees. It’s gained so much popularity that it seems everyone has a podcast of their own. To ease the audio overload, I’ve listed my favorite podcasts for you!

Black Media Minute:

As a self-proclaimed Media Maven myself, this podcast covers a huge part of my interests: the experiences of Black professionals in the media industry. The journalism and media industries are constantly changing. Plus there’s always deeper levels to reporting and creating media as a Black person, so it’s important for me to hear from Black people who have numerous experiences in the industry.
Host Kimberly Foster doesn’t limit the show to journalistic media, though. Black Media Minute also features conversations with writers like Terry McMillan (Waiting to ExhaleHow Stella Got Her Groove Back), Numa Perrier of Black&Sexy TV, and Black-ish writer Damilare Sonoiki. I’d recommend anyone interested in learning about the accomplishments of creative Black people to give the show a listen!

Rating: 4/5

The Read:

I wish I could remember how I learned about this podcast but I am forever grateful that I did. Hosts Kid Fury and Crissle are the OGs of podcasting. By OGs, I mean they’ve been hosting The Read since 2013, with over 170 episodes to date. They unapologetically talk about pop culture and all things BLACK. It’s also a bonus that the hosts are both queer people; the intersectional perspectives
and opinions given by Crissle and Kid Fury are hilarious, riveting, and extremely relatable. This is basically a show for anyone who wants to hear uncensored takes on what’s popping in mainstream celebrity news, social issues, and more. Oh, and each episode ends with an amazing read for whatever foolishness pissed the hosts off that week.
                                    Rating: 5/5


Another Round:

The best way to describe Another Round is pure fun. Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton have an insurmountable chemistry that can’t be missed. The topics on the BuzzFeed podcast vary and almost always feature a guest, whether it be a singer, actress, or athlete. Some topics include race, gender, music, career tips, books, and 
more. The funniest thing about Another Round, though, is that Heben and Tracy are usually buzzed, no pun. The two podcast while drinking alcohol so the show’s funny is always taken to another level.  Similar to The Read, Another Round ends with the hosts dedicating a round (of drinks) to one of their favorite things that week.


Rating: 4/5

That’s all I have for you. I periodically listen to new podcasts, I even considered adding more to this list, but they haven’t gotten the FAVE stamp from me yet. I’m always looking for new podcasts to listen to, so list some of your faves below!


Your 2¢ is welcome here:

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