What’s Your Superpower?

The CW is the joy of my life. Every Friday, I look forward to coming home and watching The Flash, SuperGirl and, as of recently, Black Lightning. I am in love. 

Black Lightning follows the life and family of Jefferson Pierce, a hero who can channel lightning through his body. By day, Jefferson is a school principal in the city he grew up in, Freeland; by night he fights for the citizens of his city to have the privileges of its name. But this isn’t about Jefferson.

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Reflecting on My Blackness

The goal of Embracing My Blackness was to explore how Black women embrace their culture and how they find community at predominantly white institutions. To do this, I interviewed three Black women undergraduate students about their experiences at university, their backgrounds and how their upbringings have affected their experiences at college. I also captured photographs with these students in order to give viewers a more well-rounded perspective of my subjects.

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La’Nae Plaxico Explores How Self-Knowledge Creates Community

Part 3 of the Embracing My Blackness series. 

La’Nae Plaxico is a third-year psychology major at The Ohio State University. Her love of dance blossomed while she grew up in Chicago. Plaxico continues to cultivate this passion at Ohio State in her dance groups where she’s connected with people from all over the nation and has come to learn herself more than ever. We discuss the importance of having friends from the same and different races while at predominantly White institutions and how self-knowledge is the only way to build community.

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A Reassuring Stroll through the Short North with Faith Gamble

Part 2 of the Embracing My Blackness series. 

The second person in the “Embracing My Blackness” series is Faith Gamble. Faith is a third-year student studying New Media and Communication Technology at Ohio State. Though she hails from Cincinnati, she shared that she began to view her Blackness through a different lens while in Columbus, Ohio than she did when in her hometown. We also discuss how she went from wishing she was Caucasian as a child to finding pride in her Blackness in young adulthood.

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Mariah McDaniel on Not Putting Your Confidence in Other People’s Hands

Part 1 of the Embracing My Blackness series. 

The premiere subject in “Embracing My Blackness” is Mariah McDaniel, a third-year Physics major at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. McDaniels hails from the south side of Chicago and has found community at Ball State University through her love for One Direction and dedication to loving herself, even if she goes unnoticed to her university’s majority. We discuss how being a Black woman in science- related fields can be difficult, but McDaniels shows no signs of giving up any time soon.

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Embracing My Blackness: The Story Behind the Series

I’ve always been black. I’ve always known it, too. But I haven’t always known how being Black would make my day-to-day and lifelong experiences a lot harder.

I grew up on the Southside of Chicago. When I was younger, I didn’t fully understand why Chicago was so segregated and why I lived in one of the lesser-kept parts of the city. I didn’t know that most American cities weren’t as segregated as mine. I also didn’t understand how much of a DSC_2890luxury it was to live in a community full of people who were Black, like me. Though television shows and magazines were damaging media sources for me due to non-representation of girls of color, I could still walk outside of my home every day and not directly deal with non-black people treating me negatively because of my ethnicity. But that changed when I arrived at The Ohio State University.

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Remarkable Odes To Internet Love


The internet and it’s influence have come a long way. What once was only the engine behind instant messaging on AOL—better known as AIM—and browsers (that were quite slow at the time) has blossomed into the backbone of mobile applications, iMessaging (which just might be AOL instant messaging reincarnated) and more. It has allowed infinite media creation for users and helped people find new ways to connect with others. But one thing that has not changed since the internet’s creation is it’s ability to ignite love.

To be fair, all sorts of connections spur online, friendships and professional contacts included, but the former examples lack one thing that romantic relationships have on lock: love songs. 

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Washington D.C. Was Good To Me

Washington D.C. is one of those places I’ve never had a particularly strong interest in visiting but I must admit, I had a great time in the capitol city.

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Made in America Festival in the City of Brotherly Love

After attending Made in America Festival in Philadelphia last year, I decided I wasn’t attending this year. Not because I disliked it—I had one of the best times ever, in fact. I just wanted to give myself a year off until I turned 21 because let’s face it, the music festival is hosted by Budweiser and the loads of annoying drunk people is overwhelming.

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Podcasts You Should Be Listening To!

These days, podcasting is the bee’s knees. It’s gained so much popularity that it seems everyone has a podcast of their own. To ease the audio overload, I’ve listed my favorite podcasts for you!

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